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Atto system ensure efficient hotel operation and effective maintenance. Helping hotel save operating costs.

Using a comprehensive all-in-one hotel system and empowered with service solutions, Atto can provide an efficient operation flow & proper maintenance, and also detailed roadmap of exactly where improvements could be made.
This can be to invest more in your business priorities, help your bottom line or keep you agile and able to respond to everchanging customer expectations and operating model challenges.
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key features

We’ve Got You Covered in all Areas



Detect your biggest challenges using meaningful data for decision making eliminate any bottlenecks to minimize POMEC costs.



Automate, schedule, monitor, and making sure  all preventive and corrective maintenance activities & processes done properly.



Automate and track all housekeeping activities. Streamline communication and boost productivity up to standards.


Front Office

Easily communicate with other departments to ensure all tasks & guest requests are on-time and properly done.

The Essential Solutions to Enhance

Your Operations



Boost productivity, establish accountability and keep track of working hours. Connects all your departments and enables you to easily monitor, respond and manage all hotel tasks with ease.

  • Manage & monitor all daily tasks
  • Get instant task notifications
  • Overview of all routine scheduled tasks



Reduce maintenance downtime and minimize POMEC cost. Our Asset maintenance system & engineering service helps maintenance job done better, faster, and properly.

  • Industry standards maintenance procedures & SLAs
  • Complete maintenance tracking, asset tagging & process details
  • Maintenance recommendations, end-report & BAST


  • Dedicated account manager
  • On-site Managed services

Multiple service level

We provide multiple levels of service to every account  that can accommodate any and all needs, but we go a few steps further with our Service Structure.

  • Industry expert partners

How Does it Work?

One login for all

Easy Single login, all connect through a single platform on their personal mobile or desktop devices.

Coordinate & Deliver

Create task and work orders, streamline your workflow and get the job done better, faster, and properly.

Analyze & Improve

Part of our managed services, to assist by taking advantage of meaningful reports & analytics to see a clear overview of all your operations and recommendations.

We Fit Every Property

No matter the size, type, style, or how many properties, we’ve got you covered.
Atto is completely flexible to accurately reflect the needs of your property.
  • Serviced apartments

  • Hotel Chains

  • Hostels

  • Independent hotels

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