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Make Your Maintenance Problems Disappear

Reduce maintenance downtime and minimize POMEC cost. Our Asset maintenance system & engineering service helps maintenance job done better, faster, and properly.

By instantly inform and deploy maintenance services, Atto can help hotel identify and resolve 59.28% more maintenance issues in just a year.

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Simply snap a shot of an issue that needs to be solved with your phone and instantly share it with the maintenance service team.

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Notifications & Fix

Our Maintenance service team get automatically notified of the problem, can check the report and fix it.


Get a real data all outstanding and completed maintenance tasks for future improvement roadmaps and decision making.

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Never lost sight. Keep a clear overview of all routine inspections and implement an effective preventive maintenance plan with recurring and scheduled calendar.

Asset Tagging & Tracking

Fully asset monitored and control with comprehensive track and tag of your property assets lifecycle.

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Multiple Property

See them all. Monitor and manage all your property activities in an easy and seamless single login.

Service Partners

Relax, your property maintenance are in good hands. One of our industry expert Service Partners, JAGA, are trained and empowered to meet every your hotel maintenance needs, corrective and preventive maintenance.

More about JAGA>>

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Why Engineering & Asset Management?

All maintenance job get done better,faster, and properly to industry standards.

Get an overall overview of asset tracking and lifecycle, maximizing asset uptime.

Pay-per-use engineering services, minimizing headcount headache.

Lets everyone notify those in charge of maintenance tasks instantly, ensuring the job efficiency.

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